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So we step up to round 3 of the Codecast series. This time round we have got the mighty Amoss lads on mix duties. Coming with the absolute fire for this one, full of exclusives especially for the Codecast!
The guys have been supporters of the Clothing and the brand itself since its conception and we at Code HQ have been waiting to link up with them to bring you lovely lot there installment of the Codecast.
We caught up with Andy and James for a little chat about what they’ve been up to over the last few months and to talk us through what they have instore for us all in the near future.

Hi guys. Thanks for taking the time out to chat with us. So it seems to of been a very busy few months for the pair of you, for those that don’t know, tell us a little bit about what you’ve been up to of late?

Andy: Yeah it’s been pretty hectic actually; we’ve been all over the place playing out. Lots of travelling across Europe. As well as that we’ve been working on tunes, getting masters off and sorting out tonnes of logistical stuff.
James: The gigs have really picked up this year letting us travel around both europe and the UK, places like Brighton, Luton, London, Manchester, Bristol, Poland, Belgium and Italy. Its always nice to go to a new city or country and see people really enjoying the music that we’re playing, makes it all worth it.

A lot of your recent releases have been coming out on the Horizons imprint, have you got many tracks planned for any other labels, and what can we expect from Amoss in the not to distant future?

Andy: Yeah we’ve got an EP forthcoming on Dispatch Recordings which we’re really looking forward to getting out there. The tunes have been getting mad response in the clubs although most people don’t know what they are yet, they’re fairly hush hush at the moment. Hence why there’s no tracklist for this mix. It’s the best way to stop those pesky youtube uploaders haha.
Horizons has been a great outlet for us, Neil is massively supportive of us and really allows us to do whatever we want. A lot of people might be surprised by what we’ve got lined up for Horizons.
James: Like Andy said we’re both really looking forward to the release of our dispatch EP titled ‘State Of Suspension’. we also have a track forthcoming on BTK’s ‘Dutty Audio’ imprint entitled ‘Scraper’ which will be on a 4 track digital EP ‘Aftershock Series’. Forthcoming with Horizons we’ve got our EP and a few various 12′s to look forward to.

You seem to be taking a fair amount of European bookings right now, how does playing abroad compare to gigs in the UK?

Andy: They’re great, the travelling is long, but we’ve seen some amazing sights. Italy was incredible, we were up in the mountains and it was pretty stunning. The crowds have been great as well, lots of people come up to us and having a chat.
James: It’s really nice being able to go over to another country and be treated so well, we always have a really good time with the people that we’ve stayed with and get to have a little insight into how they live their lives in another country. 

What gigs have you got coming up over the coming months?

23/06 Genesis, London
29/06 Dirty Bass Open Air, Slovakia
30/06 Meeting Point Festival, Czech Republic
27/07 Nozstock Festival
27/09 Culture Shock, Prague
28/09 Dispatch Recordings, Bristol
09/11 Saarbrucken, Germany

Can you give us a run down of your favourite producers doing things in D&B right now? 

Andy: People like Overlook, Clarity and Pessimist are the ones I respect at the moment.
James: MTWN, Distant Future, Kalm & Carera are really pushing their sound at the moment, get to know!

And any producers outside?

Andy: All sorts: Shackleton, Actress, Lone, Last Step, NX1 and Slugabed are some of my favourites at the moment. The list could go on and on though. I don’t tend to listen to D&B at the moment to be honest, I keep up to date but it’s a bit overkill considering that’s what we make for the majority of the time.
James: I’ve really been enjoying artists like Eric Lau, Sonar Kollectiv Orchestra, Atjazz, Stimming, if your into this kind of sound I recommend you check out ‘The Landau Orchestra – Stevie Bam Jackson’

We hear on the grape vine of a co-lab with another Code man, MC Fokus. Can you tell us a little bit more on how this came about?

Andy: The track is called ‘Shapeshifter’. It’s probably the track that has taken us the longest to finish. It went through about 6 different version with countless mixes over the course of probably a year, maybe more. It had been sitting around for a while, I sent it over to Ant and he liked it, but the mixdown wasn’t right so ensued another few weeks of constant changes.
It’s great to have a track with Phil because we’re big fans of his MC’ing. We’ve played out with him a few times and we gel well.
James: We also have another track with the main man called ‘Incognito’, its recently had a special VIP, rework, remix, whatever you want to call it mix from mr J.Robinson

Do you plan to get on anymore co-labs in the future?

Andy: We’ve got a bit with Overlook that’s almost finished. There’s another in the works with Cliffhanga that has been meaning to happen for ages. There’s also another with Dabs which is halfway there.
James: We have also worked again with rising star Dabs on a track for our Dispatch EP which is fire if I do say so myself! proper steppy vibes which have smashed up gigs wherever we’ve played it.

What do you guys get up to when your not working on beats?

Andy: Films and generally nerding out on computers. I do a bit of sound work for video as well.
James: Secretly working on that one hit wonder, chart topper so I can leave this silly dnb game and live on an island far away from 170bpm music
Andy: Yeah he’s gonna bring back Disco in 2012, I’ve heard some bits and they’re pretty incredible.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Andy: No idea but hopefully I’ll be 27 otherwise I know something’s definitely gone wrong.
James: I’d like to be arnold schwarzenegger’s neighbour so we can share work-out techniques

Tells us your thoughts on Code Apparel. Would you recommend to a friend?

Andy: Definitely, we saw the designs and were instantly fans. We both wear them all the time and they’re a lot better fitting than most big brand tee shirts.
James: I like the exclusive feel to the brand as its mainly Code artists wearing the clothes at the moment as the name grows. if i see someone at a club night wearing the brand then id give them a nod of respect haha

Give us a little insight into the mix you’ve done for the Codcast?

The mix features a lot of the tracks that we’re both feeling and playing out at the moment. plenty of exclusives thrown in

Any shout outs/mentions? 

Andy: Standardly big shouts to my mum. Neil at Horizons and Ant at Dispatch.
James: Horizons, Dispatch, Hardware, Ruffhouse crewdem, all my mates and everyone who is supporting our music

Massive thanks Guy’s for taking the time out to chat with us!

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