Interview with Nymfo

Interview with Nymfo

After releasing his Characters LP this summer just gone on Klute’s Commercial Suicide imprint, it’s fair to say the Eindhoven residing Dutch d&b producer Nymfo has had a profile raising year. After reaching further onto the dancefloors and radio waves with his full length project, he’ll be touching down once again in Room Two at the celebratory 20 Years of Ram Records rave a week on Friday. He’s excited, we’re excited and we’re presuming the 1000 or so of you who’ve bagged an advance ticket to the 12 hour marathon (8pm – 8am) are also looking forward to it a little bit, so in anticipation we’re happy to present to you this impeccably mixed selection of music from Nymfo. A real winter warmer…

What have you been up to this year? What are some of your highlights?

My highlight of this year is being 31 years old, but still looking like a 25 year old god! Another highlight was releasing my debut album on Commercial Suicide. It’s such a great feeling when you are holding a full vinyl and compact disc copy of a long project like this in your hands.

How did the Characters LP go down? Were you happy with the response it got?

The feedback on the album is amazing! I see and saw a lot of people playing it, had great reviews and It was good to see the radio shows like BBC Radio 1 and 1xtra paid a lot of attention to it. I’m also happy the Dutch radio and media finally was giving some love to d&b! And big up to all the promoters who booked me during my album tour.

How does the music you are making now differ to that you were making early on? Like – do you think you’ve learned a lot, mellowed or accelerated? How has the process changed for you?

I learn every day, so that’s the reason my sound changed a lot through the years. Also doing collaborations is a great learning process, I always like it to see other people working in the studio and swop some studio tips and skills.

Where is your head at currently, like do you enjoy the production/creative side more than the performance aspect?

I enjoy writing music a lot, but the part I enjoy the most is playing own new music during a gig. It can be depressive as well sometimes like when you think you wrote the new anthem and there isn’t any crowd reaction at all [laughs].

What about you personally, can you tell us about any projects that are coming up?

My new single for Commercial Suicide is ready and will be released somewhere in January. I also signed new music to Metalheadz and spoke to a few other labels I released on before who are interested again.

Can you tell us a little bit about the mix you put together?

I made a mix of some great unreleased and released new music I’m feeling at the moment. Of course I played my new single for you and some Nymfo ‘classics’. And because this mix is for the Ram Records night I’m playing at, I played one of my favorite Ram tune of all the time and the Icicle & Nymfo collab on Ram too. It was all recorded on my Gemini CDJ-20’s, how old skool is that!


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