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With out a doubt, Loxy is one of the originators and pioneers of the music we know and love as Jungle / Drum and Bass. Having been involved since the early days, Loxy has gone on to secure himself as one of the leading lights in this ever growing scene. A man known to many for his tight production skills, but also as one of the most cutting edged DJ’s still doing the rounds across the globe! All the while, Loxy keeps the music he makes and plays grounded, pushing the talents of artists such as Clarity, Pessimist, Overlook and many more up and coming artists to a broader audience.

Having released tracks on the most respected labels, to include, Metalheadz, Exit, Renegade Hardware, Samurai and Architecture. As well as owning his very own labels Cylon Recordings, X-Tinction Agenda, CX:Digital, makes Loxy’s demand and reach in the D&B industry one of the most prolific. Always evolving, and always keeping it real, it gives us great pleasure to of been given the opportunity to have a chat with such a strong member of the underground…

First things first, can you tell us how your life in music all began? What influenced you musically growing up?

Well firstly there was always music playing in my house growing up, My dad used to spin, so I got to hear all the latest soul reggae funk growing up as a kid.

You became involved with the rave scene back in late ’80′s early ’90′s. What drew you to the scene at the time?

The people I was going to school and hanging out with at the time were probably the main influence. I used to listen to the radio and was always a big hip hop follower then when I heard acid house I was like wtf is this. It seemed all my friends were discovering it at the same time through older siblings etc. I started travelling up and down the country going to parties after that like a religion but the first party I went to was TELEPATHY at Tara’s nightclub in Marshgate Lane, Stratford, that was what made me decide to DJ! That night I heard Rat Pack, Godfather, Frost, Rider, Satin Storm pa and Colin Dale. All I can say, it was epic!

After witnessing those early raves, did you instantly feel that this is what you wanted to do in life?

Yup! May not have been a sensible decision but one i made regardless

In ’93 / ’94 you started producing your own tracks. Was this something you felt was inevitable at the time due to playing out or had you always wanted to make your own music?

I always wanted to make my own music but I was never in a rush back then, it was more for fun, for something to play. Pretty much how I look at producing now I’m a DJ first and foremost, I produce more for the fun of something new to draw and also I enjoy collaborations I’ve been doing it a long time now so I’m not one of those guys who needs the spotlight just on me, I like doing a tune with certain individuals because it’s fun and cool to see what can be conjured up.

After breaking onto the scene as a DJ, were there any particular memories of gigs back then that still stand out today?

Playing the desire parties back in the 93/94 and club jungle in Kent, also playing at the legendary dungeons venue in East London.

What was it at this time that influenced the music you made? The sound at the time which was picking up a lot of attention, and breaking into the charts was the ragga style D&B. What was the appeal of you branching out into the darker sound?

I think the vibe I always liked and that always reflects in my music is movies, comics, dub and hip hop. That’s the mixture of what I put into my tunes obviously depending on the tune, different influences have been incorporated but these are the main ingredients. The only thing is over the years, my sound has matured, I’ve learned more, and the approach may be a little more subtle, but I guess that’s just growing up.

You started making tracks for, the now legendary, Metalheadz, and, Renegade Hardware, how did that first come about?

Well I met Clayton at music house and it kinda just stemmed from there. Through shared music tastes at the time, we were always getting the Hardware dubs so it was only natural to release something which was the tune known as ‘STALKER’ I made with Keaton from Usual Suspects. Followed closely by me and Inks first release which was a track called ‘AIRLOCK.’

Bringing us up to the present…What can we expect to see coming out from your own labels in the near future? We hear that Cylon will be releasing some tracks soon? Any news on what you have in store for that?

We got a Cylon various artist lp coming which has been a long time overdue. Due to this and that, a third has been delayed but now seems back on track so ideally i still don’t want to rush and get it out before the end of the year for the sake of it so will be aiming for a release early 2013. Fresh start that will feature tracks from myself Resound, dBridge, Pessimist, Clarity, Overlook, Untouchables, Reza, Gremlinz, Maurus Erkiu, Flatliners, Genotype, Homemade Weapons to name a lot of them haha.

Another word on the grape vine is that you will be doing a follow up to the very popular ‘Burning Shadows’ LP with Resound? Is there any more info on this?

We are doing another album but just like the last one we are in no rush, so no set plans as of yet. We have a lot of material coming so be on the lookout for the Metalheadz “12 and our track on the forthcoming ‘Platinum Breaks’ lp.

‘Burning Shadows’ came out on dBridges Exit Records, other than the follow up, are there any other more bits on the horizon for the label?

I’m sure there will be but we don’t usually plan our music like that. We just like to do tunes and play them out, when people hear something they like then it gets taken from there. The only plan I like to make is the one where its making more music to play.

Most recently, you and Resound have linked up once again for the ‘Way of the Warrior, Code of Honour’ album. Samurai is a label who seems to be really pushing the boundaries with this LP, featuring the likes of Clarity, Overlook and Pessimist to name a small few. Can you tell us what it’s like to be part the project?

Yeah Samurai is a really well run label and puts out a wide scope of good music. I like what the label represents on a whole, so of course, it’s good to be a part of a straight forward flex.

Do you ever plan on making more music in other genres/tempos? Or is it strictly Drum and Bass for now?

Yeah I am and I know resound has always made music of other tempos. I make a lot of hip hop and have dabbled in the odd house track and some 140. I’m not one for fads though, I just like to switch up tempos and see what happens. The only time I usually have a plan in my head beforehand is when I make D&B. When I make other stuff I tend to just go with the flow with no concept of where it might go. I’m pretty sure u will see some other tempos on our next album but at the same time always reflecting our sound through the years just at a diff pace is all.

With an influx of new producers breaking through, do you think Drum and Bass is in a healthy place right now?

It’s in a healthy place because there is a lot of good music and there is a lot of directions you can take it, which can only be a good thing. I would just say best thing to do is be yourself! Sounds like a cliché, but a lot of people hearing tunes they like end up emulating them, that doesn’t do any good for the scene so my advice would be come with your angle! That’s the key to longevity.

Who out of the new crop of producers coming through would you say are heading in the right direction in terms of the music they make?

I’m feeling a lot of people. I’d be here all day listing them all, all the people who send me music that I batter, basically. It would be unfair to name, but a few, they know who they are!

You have kindly provided us with number 5 in our Codecast series. Can you say something about the mix?

The Future

Last one. Any shout outs you would like to mention?

Big up to all the soldiers non bias that love good music, plain and simpl

Big thanks to Loxy for taking the time out to speak with us.


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