Exit Records

Exit Records

Founder: dBridge
Date of creation: 2003
Sublabels: Pleasure District
Artists: Abstract Element, Alix Perez, Amit, Artificial Inteligence, ASC, Beastie Respond, Black Pocket, Break, Calibre, Chimpo, Chris Inperspective, Clarity, CMX, Code 3, Commix, Concord Dawn, Consequence, Croms, D-Kay, Dan HarbarNam, Dawn Day Night, dBridge, Digital & Morphy, Distance, Dub Phizix, Elek, Fierce, FIS, Fixate, Fracture ,Genotype, Heart Drive, Indigo, Instra:mental, J:Kenzo, Joe Seven, Kid Drama, Kryptic Minds, Kutz, L.I.S, Loxy & Resound, MachineDrum, Marcus Intalex, Mark System, Mode, Nico, Om Unit, Rani, Resolution No1, Rockwell, Ruffhouse, Rufige Kru, Sam Binga, Scuba, Skeptical, Skittles, Skream, Steve Spacek, ST Files, Strategy, Stray, Survival, Synkro, The Binary Collective, They Live, Velvit.

Exit Records
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