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Ahmad & Akinsa – Kali / Monolith

Ahmad & Akinsa - Kali / Monolith

Label: Vykhod Sily
Catalog: VS003
Released: 24.09.2018

VS003 has been crafted in collaboration by two understated breakbeat heavyweights; Ahmad and Akinsa. With previous collaborative releases on Rupture and Renegade Hardware, in addition to exceptional solo back-catalogues, we are delighted to welcome them to the Vykhod SIly family.
This two-track EP is laden with instinctively sinister undertones, pulsating basslines and primal grooves driven by two ton kick drums.
Kali immediately sets the tone of the EP with eerie sci-fi soundscapes building tension before rolling out into a thundering assault of breaks, as a haunting cry looms above and an intermittent bassline distorts below.
Monolith harks back to rave and breakbeat culture with menacing mentasms and pitched down bleeps, preceded by off beat hi-hats and industrial fx, emanating in a dark side percussive work out fraught with trepidation and paranoia.

01. Kali 5:33
02. Monolith 5:27

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