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Alg0Rh1Tm – Altered Reminiscence

Label: Dubkraft
Catalog: DKR069
Released: 04.07.2018

Serbian sound scientist Alg0rh1tm has delivered his debut album and it’s every bit as dark, detailed, unpredictable and untameable as the Alien Pimp artwork suggests. Running the soundscape gamut; one minute we’re in a pressure cooker, blitzed by textures and break edits, the next we’re floating like kites to deep dream ambient twists. Highlights include the trippy mysticism of “Phantasmagoria”, the early Teebee tendrils of “Infiltrator”, the bone rattling dirge “Catch Me If You Can” and the jazz-like rhythmic time signatures on “Unspoken Words”. A highly accomplished debut album.

1. Alg0rh1tm – Escape Velocity (05:19)
2. Alg0rh1tm – Fission (04:47)
3. Alg0rh1tm & Ghoulcut – Titan 2 (05:24)
4. Alg0rh1tm – Phantasmagoria (02:09)
5. Alg0rh1tm – Catch Me If You Can (04:36)
6. Alg0rh1tm – Correlative (04:42)
7. Alg0rh1tm – Dimensional Passage (04:36)
8. Alg0rh1tm – Infiltrator (04:14)
9. Alg0rh1tm – Succubus (05:50)
10. Alg0rh1tm – Unspoken Words (04:08)
11. Alg0rh1tm – Mirage (03:51)

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