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Apostroph – Bounty Hunter (The Remixes)

Apostroph - Bounty Hunter (The Remixes)

Label: Eternia
Catalog: ETRN 030
Released: 13.07.2018

“The special digital package kicks off with a version by the man of the moment: Homemade Weapons steps in with his debut on Eternia. With all the right element from the OG version intact, HW elevates it to the following level by turning it into a less-drums synth driven halftime flight. Hear the seamless hit hat intro, progressing into an enormous driving-force – fit for both opening or closing your set, or everything in between.

The second remix is delivered by the man, who’s been a native inhabitant of the jungle world for just forever. Loxy is one with the hugest impact on Eternia: from the label’s initial concept up to where we are right now. Well, lo’n’behold – his recent solo works are released by us – a good match, isn’t it? His version of “Bounty Hunter” is something else. The guy chose the straightforward roller style with some by-the-books halfstep. Sounds boring? Press play & have the results delivered – and be forwarned, that’s the ultimate punch. It got the rhythm, the power and the depth, anything else? Def no, mos’ defo.

Remix No. 3 is another debut on our label. Took us a while to finally deliver something from Belgium based dnb powerhouse The Untouchables, although our mutual brainstorming started long time ago. Better later than never or evermore. The Untouchables serve it right to our prides. Moody, mystical, hypnotic – nuttin’ but another outcome of professionalism and the out-of-this-world formula of how to deploy those tried’n’true ideas: The Untouchables biz (as usual).

The whole enchilada is complete by the man himself. Apostroph’s VIP version is nothing short of raw elements and techstep-ish wildness. It is, in fact, Eternia’s first ever claim to the hardcore fame. Might also be fit for junglists. ”

1. Bounty Hunter (Homemade Weapons remix) (05:40)
2. Bounty Hunter (Loxy remix) (06:48)
3. Bounty Hunter (The Untouchables remix) (06:01)
4. Bounty Hunter (VIP) (05:38)

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