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Askel & Monika – Reach/Folding

Askel & Monika - Reach/Folding

Label: Atmomatix
Catalog: AT 18005
Released: 09.07.2018

“After featuring on their last release, Atmomatix Records welcome Askel back into the fold with his collaborative single with Monika ‘Reach / Folding’.

The pair combine on the sumptuous ‘Folding’, a classic cut of liquid with a rich bassline and clean drums centred around a constantly evolving arpeggio. Drum switches and harmonic elements keep the track running along nicely.

‘Reach’ sees the duo turn a little deeper, using ethereal synths to project a sense of otherworldliness onto the listener. A sprinkle of funk is brought by the bassline which becomes smoother and smoother as the track evolves to the breakdown, pulling in ever more pads and textures to its orbit. A glorious spaced out ride through the collaborative hive mind of these two talented producers we hope will return soon.”

1. Folding (05:15)
2. Reach (05:28)

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