Baransu – IS [Beat Machine]

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Baransu - IS [Beat Machine]

Label: Beat Machine
Catalog: BMRS005
Released: 06.12.2019

The very nature of being human allows us
to hear and perceive multiple sounds at the same time. Indeed, our ears were designed to receive and analyze various auditory stimuli simultaneously. Through percussive and compulsive rhythmic patterns, baransu creates a dimension in which our sense of hearing is continuously stimulated. Strong dynamics and analog synths accompany in a clear but never dominant way the live drumming session. Sometimes glitchy, sometimes extremely spacious and experimental, this track helps
the listener to explore the potential of human hearing and its limits. The sound experience
is further enhanced by the additional work of two exceptional remixers. Katatonic Silentio interpretation of IS builds up to an atmosphere of uncertainties and unknowns, which keeps the listener on the edge till the end. Similarly, the English producer Pessimist makes the track his own by giving to it a more club oriented imprint that moves away from the feeling of spaciousness of the original, and rather it winks at the genre of jungle.

1. IS (05:01)
2. IS [Pessimist Remix] (05:03)
3. IS [Katatonic Silentio Remix] (04:14)

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