Cern / Overlook – Nevada Ghost / Decoy

Cern / Overlook – Nevada Ghost / Decoy

Label: Horizons Music
Catalog: HZN079
Released: 21 Jul 2014

“HZN079 brings together two of Drum & Bass’s most exciting proponents of the deeper side of the sound : Cern and Overlook. Tribal sounds and influences are rife throughout, effortlessly fusing with heavyweight beats to create two superbly crafted tunes.

‘Nevada Ghost’ : A haunting opening, characterised by organic sounds and samples and punctuated by the odd reverberated drum, builds up subtly, before giving way to the huge kicks of the main section. The omnipresent bass works in tandem with the drums to provide the foundation over which a multitude of sounds effortless swirl and flit.

‘Decoy’ : Melancholy pads and heavy drums set the tone early on. A variety of snares drive the tune forwards, whilst the understated sub rolls menacingly underneath. Distorted bass sounds add further weight, whilst cunningly worked samples maintain the interest throughout, ensuring that whilst stripped back, it is anything but simple or monotonous.

Another wonderfully worked example on how less can be more, Nevada Ghost and Decoy are the kind of hard hitting tunes you would expect to hear in sets up and down the country. Full of driving drum riffs, sonorous subs and imaginative sample work, this is certainly not one to be slept on.”

1. Nevada Ghost
2. Decoy

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