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Clarity – Infinite

Clarity – Infinite

Label: Samurai Music
Catalog: SMGLP001V
Released: 08 Dec 2014

“Clarity’s “Infinite” is thirteen tracks of tech-laden minimal bass music, dark and heady and comin’ up fast on a sound that guys like Icicle have had a stranglehold on over the past few years. It sits mainly in the drum & bass space, with a few forays into alternating tempos and aesthetics, but there’s an undeniable, classy touch to proceedings that suggest Clarity’s been honing his sound for years and years.”

1. A Thousand And One
2. Reflex
3. Segment (feat Skeptical)
4. Cryptid
5. Kaitain
6. Talk Back
7. Inclination
8. False Impression
9. Surge
10. Malformation
11. Cyclone (feat. Indigo)
12. Follow The Signs
13. Subterrane (feat. ENA)

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