Crypticz – Patterns

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Crypticz - Patterns

Label: Not On (Crypticz Self-Released)
Released: 22.02.2019
Type: EP

Crypticz is proud to present his new EP, PATTERNS. An exploration of personal themes and questions presented in a distinct UK nature, with the sound system very much at the root. Crypticz draws from every corner of his sound palette on this release, from dubbed out meditation on ‘Fountain Light’, futuristic Grime/Footwork fusion on ‘Pathfinder Riddim’, to Drum & Bass and Jungle deconstruction with ‘Echoes Past (What I Am)’.

PATTERNS EP follows on from appearances on Om Unit’s Cosmic Bridge imprint, however this time around Crypticz ventures away from the standard approach of working with a label and has taken the release process into his own hands. He states: ‘I’ve had the absolute privelage to work with some of the best labels in the game, and will continue to do so. However I write such a high amount of music I wanted to find an avenue to share more of myself. It takes a lot of courage but I feel one of artists primary duties is to release their work into the world to continue to help, feed and inspire others.’

PATTERNS EP is available to buy only direct from the artist, exclusivley via Bandcamp. A handful of limited edition products have been created with collectors in mind… A run of only 30 12″ records, all on white label, individually stamped and numbered. Limited edition A4 posters and CDs have also been made available. The CDs are individually assembled and feature two bonus tracks, a remastered version of 2017’s ‘Mariana’ plus an alternate mix of ‘Pathfinder Riddim’ . In Crypticz own words: ‘Taking this approach to the release is an experiment with the intention to be more direct with my current fans and listeners. There are a multitude of platforms I normally reach with a typical release, I will be missing those this time around but this record is to reward the people on the journey with me already. I’ve had complete control over the process from start to finish… Physical product has become an important part of releasing music for me, especially as a collector myself. With this EP I’ve been able to add my own contribution for the collectors, something I hope lasts as a little gem in your own collections to enjoy for years to come. However, to avoid neglecting listeners of all kinds or those that miss out I’ll be making the digital download available directly from myself on Bandcamp and additionally will make the EP available on some streaming platforms.’

1. Echoes Past (What I Am) (02:53)
2. Grids (05:05)
3. Pathfinder Riddim (03:39)
4. Battles (04:16)
5. Bleak Internal (04:08)
6. Fountain Light (03:34)

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