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Hanover – Forward

Hanover - Forward

Label: Terabyte
Catalog: TB 035
Released: 13.07.2018

“The Terabyte dreadnaught rolls on as we reach the 35th installment of the main catalogue, and who finer to take the slot than returning UK duo, Hanover, who’s previous material on the Hardwired sub-label has elevated them to the top tier of the label’s numerous representatives.

The first track, ‘Forward’ features tribal percussion that rolls out amongst shamanistic, echoey chants and vocals. Think Om Unit’s Bedouin cousin.

The other side, ‘Gobi’ comes from a similar place – ritualistic drums and hypnotic, entrancing vocals totally captivate the listener.”

1. Forward (05:31)
2. Gobi (06:01)

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