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Heatwave – Occult

Label: Onset Audio
Catalog: OA157
Released: 09.11.2018

Boca Hunor-Lehel aka Heatwave is a romanian dj & producer. His musical influence, especially his love for drum and bass music, lead him to found Dub Logic and joined Aurora FM in 2012. After djing for several years, he started to produce his own music and developed his own style to a more experimental, yet minimal mood. Released on labels like: Onset Audio, Regression Media, Plush Recordings, Blackhill Productions and Dnbb Recordings . He’s been supported from artists like Crypticz, Thing, Dominic Ridgway, Spktrm, Akinsa, Kit Curse, Silent Witness & Funckarma. Besides a lot of club shows he also attended different music festivals in Romania and Germany, like Fusion Festival, Electric Castle, Global Space Odyssey.

1. Angel Of The Sun (06:12)
2. Occult (07:37)
3. Succubus (06:08)
4. Occult (Dreadmaul remix) (06:02)

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