Lao Wai – Factories in Manchester

Lao Wai - Factories in Manchester

Label: Delta9
Catalog: D9REC054
Released: 13.07.2018

Physical Contact’ leads you into the fray, with sweeping atmospherics, slowly gyrating drums and moody percussion which hides underneath the mix. Slowly the track comes into play, taking you down a minimalist chasm streamlined by distorted vocal samples. ‘Birthplace’ follows the same manipulated moniker, with smashing hi-hats moving you through a progressing drop, one which leaves you freefalling against rolling breaks and an old-school vibe which doesn’t go unmissed. ‘Factories in Manchester’ submerges you into the deep end, with a bassline that becomes heavier layer after layer before you’re finally enveloped by its weight. ‘Hypernormal’ is the EP’s final addition, with clapping snares and a rhythm which skips between each beat pattern. The drums are cut-throat, with a jagged edge that juts throughout the track’s segments and presents a side of Delta9 which is clear competition for any of the more renowned imprints within the scene.

01. Physical Contact 5:12
02. Birthplace 5:00
03. Factories in Manchester 5:36
04. Hypernormal 6:47

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