Loxy & Resound – League Of Shadows / Metro

Loxy & Resound – League Of Shadows / Metro

Label: Samurai Music
Catalog: NZ017
Released: 09 Apr 2012

“Loxy is one of the true innovators of Drum and Bass. A man with many years of experience in music production, DJing, and indeed being a vital member of the Drum & Bass movement since its inception. Combine this with the talents of fellow veteran of the scene and production sensai Resound, and the result is an overflowing supply of knowledge and skill ground together into a potent and unique future vision. Their single for Samurai Music displays two very different styles, again an indicator of the depth of this duos ability. The list of labels Loxy & Resound have released with is long and impressive, including crucial names like Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware, and more recently Exit Records who released their ground breaking ‘Burning Shadows’ LP in 2011. ”

1. League Of Shadows
2. Metro

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