Mako – A Break From Ritual

Mako – A Break From Ritual

Label: Warm Communications
Catalog: WARM027
Released: 02 Dec 2013

“Mako’s “A Break From Ritual” is a heavy-footed drum rush that has no confusion about its namesake. Apaches, Amens and Think breaks clatter seamlessly overtop a crushing two-step kick/snare darkly worshipping Photek’s classic MODUS OPERANDI track “Smoke Rings.” Heavier and unshy about his equally informed nods to noughties neurofunk, Mako does not mean to disappoint a single dance-floor with this one.

Borrowing a line from Billie Holiday, the homage continues as Mako’s “What a Little Moonlight Can Do” builds its dusky rhythm section from layered sixteenths, loads of chunky 1-2-3 percussion, and long, long reverb tails. Some of the A-side’s blue-chord high-passed pad sounds return, for a brief moment, taking us back to a smoke-filled barroom in the the 1930s—at least as far back as drum & bass can go. Don’t miss it.”

1. A Break From Ritual
2. What A Little Moonlight Can Do

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