Mettāsonic – David Louis

Mettāsonic - David Louis

Label: Mettasonic
Catalog: MSR005
Released: 21.03.2018

1. Crystallized (04:57)
2. Father (05:13)
3. Fluid (04:55)
4. Spring (04:41)
5. BBS (04:51)

Our 5th release marks one year of Mettāsonic jungle from the heart! We are pleased to celebrate with a talented producer from Toronto – David Louis. His work has been released on labels such as Repetoire, Ronin Ordinance, Deviant Audio, featured on Noisia Radio, and is a part of the Vortex supergroup along with Stranjah & co. These songs show the mark of a true junglist, and provide enough variety to satisfy any fan of drum & bass. Listen deep & enjoy!

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