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Rainforest – Patch of the Warrior

Rainforest - Patch of the Warrior

Label: Monochrome
Catalog: MNCH023
Released: 23.09.2014

Path Of The Warrior is a journey inspired in diverse experiences mostly in the spiritual level. Influenced by the nineties electronic music taste with a touch of ethnic color in a deep and emotive atmosphere that turns a bit dark sometimes, this is supposed to be declaration and exposure of the producer´s soul.

01. I Remember (Original Mix) 4:31
02. Lying In Ambush (Original Mix) 5:30
03. Dopamine Paradise (Original Mix) 5:22
04. Inhabits Me (Original Mix) 5:55
05. Acceptance (Original Mix) 6:32
06. Weatherswing (Original Mix) 4:28
07. Karibu (Original Mix) 5:48
08. Soul Kanji (Original Mix) 5:38
09. Augury (Original Mix) 5:48
10. Wear Your Wounds (Original Mix) 5:17
11. Before & After (Original Mix) 4:43
12. Inhabits You (Original Mix) 6:05
13. Path Of The Warrior (Original Mix) 6:48

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