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Shiken Hanzo – Myth

Shiken Hanzo - Myth

Label: Samurai Music
Catalog: SMDE10
Released: 26.10.2018

The debut Shiken Hanzo EP for Samurai Music follows his appearance on Decade (Phase 2). Title track ‘Myth’ is a signature Shiken style ghostly stomp while ‘Yebira’ is the most floor targeted of the hidden warrior’s rhythms so far. ‘Cloud Of Sparrows’ drips in tribal complexity and ‘Kunai’ ricochets in deep hypnosis mode. 4 tracks of sinister vibrations that capture the full scope of the Hanzo style.

01. Myth 5:05
02. Cloud of Sparrows 6:31
03. Yebira 4:31
04. Kunai 5:20

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