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Terra Null Recordings – Expeditions EP Vol. 2

Terra Null Recordings - Expeditions EP Vol. 2

Label: Terra Null Recordings
Catalog: TERNUL014
Released: 2016-05-02

“Terra Null Recordings proudly presents its fourteenth release, the second installment of the Expeditions EP series. Once again, the cornerstones of variety and quality define the Expedition series as we assemble tracks from producers scattered across North America and Europe. This EP, “Expeditions Volume 2” has been specifically curated to represent multiple sides of the electronic spectrum. Exemplified by the contrast between its beginning and end, across just four tracks the EP grows from the beautiful to the sinister and dissonant. Opening up with long-time Terra Null collaborator DYL, in collaboration with Heden, presenting the gorgeous and airy “Washed Out” which instantly conjures imagery of serene beaches and and warm breezes. From there we ascend into the intricately crafted forest that is eelko’s “Group 9”, the Terra Null debut from a regular of the American deep dubstep scenes. We then quickly dissolve into intense dissonance from UK native Antagonist, in his bone-chilling and methodical track “Ahnenerbe”. Rounding out the EP we return home with label-boss Cirrus’ pounding dancefloor stomper entitled “Smoke”. We hope you enjoy the journey presented in “Expeditions Vol 2” as much as we have enjoyed putting it together, continuing to push experimentation in the 170 beats-per-minute space. ”

1. Heden & DYL – Washed Out
2. eelko – Group 9
3. Antagonist – Ahnenerbe
4. Cirrus – Smoke

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