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The Untouchables – Mutations

The Untouchables - Mutations

Samurai Music

Label: Samurai Music
Catalog: SMDELP03
Released: 08.06.2018

“A musical partnership forged at the beginning of the millennium, Ajit Steyns and Kate McGill have developed a well defined and unmistakable sound as The Untouchables. Tribal rhythms drenched in dub, with characteristic nods to the breaks and rave stabs era of late 90’s DnB, their music has been an integral component of the darker half-time sound that has become more prevalent within DnB over the past 5 years. Tempering the menace of their atmospherics with distinctive low-slung bass lines has made their music essential to DJ’s championing this sound.

’Mutations’ focuses on fleshing out the essential elements that have marked The Untouchables as unique. Ricocheting shards of classic breakbeats and heavy jabbing kick drums compliment their carefully sculpted bass lines. Being somewhat DnB traditionalists, sampling is another crucial element of The Untouchables sound. There is a distant familiarity created by their sample selection and placement that lays bare the history imbued in every Untouchables tune.

‘Mutations’ show The Untouchables at the top of their game, and deservedly carves out a place that is totally their own.”

01. The Untouchables – Genetic Manipulation 5:18
02. The Untouchables – Terrigen Mist 5:23
03. The Untouchables & Homemade Weapons – Thorium 5:40
04. The Untouchables – Blackout (VIP) 6:12
05. The Untouchables – Scavengers 5:23
06. The Untouchables – Steppah 6:04
07. The Untouchables – Black Bolt 5:17
08. The Untouchables – Cloak of Levitation 5:14
09. The Untouchables – Fibreglass 5:16
10. The Untouchables – This Generation 5:58
11. The Untouchables – Blacksheep 5:59
12. The Untouchables – Silence Your Ego 5:21

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