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Tokyo Prose – Wild Grace

Tokyo Prose - Wild Grace

Label: The North Quarter
Catalog: NQ007
Released: 20.07.2018

“Having teased us with the surprise guerrilla drop of EP1, Tokyo Prose presents the entire 13 track album Wild Grace. And it’s every bit as beautiful, touching and textured as the hype as foretold. From the emotional chords and halftime slink of opener “Ascension” to the last brushed drum jazzy breeze and amen wheeze of the finale “Gusts” and all vibes in between, the New Zealand artist has excelled himself. Other highlights include the long awaited “Trick Of The Light”, the smouldering soul of “Runaway”, the heart breaking pianos of “Innate Motion”, sunset shakedown of “In The Breeze” and so much more. Once again The North Quarter have smashed this out of the park.”

1. Ascension feat. Race Banyon (03:47)
2. Brilliant Corners (04:53)
3. Lift You Up feat. Steo (05:13)
4. Innate Motion (05:11)
5. Alight (03:15)
6. Impressions (04:54)
7. Runaway feat. [ K S R ] (04:55)
8. Trick of the Light (05:36)
9. Back to You (06:01)
10. Cold Hearts feat. Cleveland Watkiss (04:56)
11. In the Breeze feat. LSB (05:14)
12. Tremble feat. Nether (05:40)
13. Gusts (04:34)

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