Tom Small – Future Time

Tom Small - Future Time

Label: Proximity Recordings
Catalog: PROX081
Released: 16.05.2016

“Nearing on two years since his last outing with Proximity, Tom Small returns, bringing with him only fire. Known for his hard rollers, Tom Small shows us what he knows best offering some of the finest in Drum & Bass. With support from some of the most respected producers and selectors in the game: Amoss, Bredren, RoyGreen & Protone, Rido, and Fre4knc to name a few on an increasingly growing list.
Black Angel starts us off in style; a nice little shadowy roller that’s sure to get a killer reaction. This is one for any arsenal with excellent manipulation of low end and truly cross spectrum sound. Track number two moves us into the eerie, further into the recesses of sound. Again keeping up the pace, with Falling Walls Tom Small harmonises thick hard hitting bass with wobble in a completely unique way. The power dynamic between the two is a joy to listen to, each one battling out for dominance of the track.
Raucous toms lead the sound in Future Time, in addition to unimaginable mid range noises, all before we reach the drop. The title track has certainly earned its spot and doesn’t fail to deliver the epitome of energy. The highlight however is as the tune lets up in the middle and teases that rumbling bass stripped back of all but a few futuristic squelches before serving up its hard sound once more.
Detailed ends the EP in style, bringing with it all you would expect. With an experimental drum pattern that still hits all the right groove chords, all you can do is rock out. A fitting end to an outstanding display; this one’s a keeper.”

1. Black Angel
2. Falling Walls
3. Future Time
4. Detailed

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