Various – Outliers​:​1 [Samurai Music]

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Label: Samurai Music
Released: May 1, 2020

Selecting tunes for releases on Samurai Music is difficult as there is so many great tunes on offer. The absolute cream of what we get sent makes it to releases on vinyl, so resisting the temptation of digital only releases creates a backlog of high quality tunes. Outliers is a collection of music from the Samurai family of artists that were all in contention for vinyl release, but for one reason or another slipped through the cracks. Most of these are still in heavy rotation in many of our DJ sets, so rather than hogging them, we put together a collection for a Bandcamp only release. No DJ promos have been sent out, and most have never been played by more than a few select Samurai DJ’s and the producer themselves. Outliers shows the depth of talent these producers have with these sitting on their HD’s without a home. We don’t plan on moving into the digital only release field any time soon so maybe we can have this series as a semi regular substitute.

1.Ancestral Voices – Primal Plane 08:24
2.ASC – Fall Into Place 07:00
3.ENA – Dipteran (Sam KDC Remix) 05:50
4.The Untouchables – Bushi Ronin VIP 05:19
5.Last Life & Homemade Weapons – Dagger 05:52
6.Takuhn – Structures 06:35
7.Last Life – Man Eat Man 05:16
8.Homemade Weapons & Last Life – Tomahawk 07:00
9.RDG & Øjeblik – Sereno 05:21
10.Artilect – Portal 07:08
11.Roho – Way of Becoming 06:07
12.Torn – Victim 07:45
13.Red Army – Mchawi 05:40
14.Es.tereo – Silver Blue 07:24
15.Torana – Coincide 06:01
16.Red Army & Homemade Weapons – Hyperboles 06:30
17.The Untouchables – JB Sweats 06:03
18.Antagonist – XY 08:00
19.ENSHA – Hatch 05:06

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