Villem – Vision EP [Murkt]

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Villem - Vision EP

Label: Murkt
Catalog: MURKT 002
Released: 22 November, 2019

Launched earlier this year, Murkt is Villem’s dirty little bit on the side. While he’s best famed for the more soulful styles with McLeod and keeping us on our toes with BCee as one half of the full-genre flexing The Vanguard Project, Murkt is where he unleashes his darker side jams. And boy they’ve been corkers so far. This 002 release is no exception: Teaming up with Creative Source OG Addiction, “Tunnel Vision” is all snake-like in its sinister edge, “Stream Of Consciousness” plays a mean game of contrasts with cosmic light and proper gully dark intertwining liberally throughout, “Break Neck” brings McLeod into the mucky Murkt mire with a savage sizzling roll-up while “Palpitate” closes on a thundering halftime flex. Time to get murky… Again!

1. Villem & Addiction – Tunnel Vision
2. Villem – Stream Of Consciousness
3. Villem & McLeod – Break Neck
4. Villem – Palpitate

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