Vromm – For The New Dawn

Vromm - For The New Dawn

Label: Cosmic Bridge
Catalog: CBR030
Released: 06.07.2018

“Cosmic Bridge continues its recent streak of releases with a three-track EP from Spanish producer Vromm that reinforces the label’s dedication to expanding the lexicon of UK dance music. For The New Dawn embraces wider melodic and compositional potentials while remaining anchored in the same bass-heavy, forward thinking mold fans have come to love. Taking inspiration from beyond electronic music, Vromm puts forward the sort of versatile take on drum & bass that has already earned him praise from Resident Advisor and Mixmag.

The EP opens with the title track, an anthemic electronic ballad for the summer featuring Agama. Written over the space of a few years, “For The New Dawn” combines a steady minimal beat with delicate sound design, bright synthesizer chords with splashes of improvised piano and horns. Agama’s voice brings the whole thing together, and her catchy chorus is sure to bring joy to many an unsuspecting dancefloor over the summer. As Om Unit puts it, “this will be the last tune of many a clued up DJ.” “Restart” closes the A side with a simple, minimal vibe. Originally intended as a dubstep production, the track morphed as Vromm upped the tempo. Beginning as an eyes-down roller, Vromm adds layers of melodies and rhythms to reach something more euphoric yet still subdued.

The B side is dedicated to “Stargazing,” a 9-minute collaboration between Vromm and Om Unit. Arguably the label’s most ambitious production to date, “Stargazing” is also a perfect snapshot of the influences and intentions that have underpinned it from the start. Began as a melodic draft by Vromm, the track came together as the two producers added ideas from jazz, ambient and fusion. The result is an epic ride that blends organic and electronic, a production not obviously aimed at the dancefloor and yet still capable of shaking dancers alive.”

A1 – For The New Dawn (feat. Agama)
A2 – Restart
B – Stargazing (feat. Om Unit)

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