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Zero T – Little Pieces

Zero T - Little Pieces

Label: Dispatch
Catalog: DISZTLP 002
Released: 26.02.2018

1. Little Pieces (ft. Steo) (04:57)
2. Divisions (04:49)
3. You Choose (ft. Villem & Stamina) (05:34)
4. Bad For You (05:35)
5. Teachers (ft. Beta 2) (04:26)
6. Dying Breed (05:36)
7. The Question (Feel) (04:49)
8. Trosmo (05:12)
9. Shortform (05:10)
10. Everything Must Change (Beta 2 Rmx) (05:10)
11. Colour Of Blood (ft. DRS) (04:29)
12. Fortune Favours (05:15)
13. Little Pieces [INSTRUMENTAL] (04:57)
14. You Choose (ft. Villem) [INSTRUMENTAL] (05:34)
15. Colour of Blood [INSTRUMENTAL] (04:30)

A natural homecoming for one of our favourite artists, we are proud to present the second album from Zero T on Dispatch Recordings; ‘Little Pieces’.
Neatly forming over the past year, ‘Little Pieces’ marries all aspects of the Irishman’s diverse, accomplished sound, progressing from the elegant piano foray ‘Fortune Favours’ to amen strewn tech stepper ‘Dying Breed’, filling all the gaps in between.
Collaborations with Beta 2 & Villem are backed by vocal features from DRS, Stamina and Steo; whose lyrics provided the album’s core inspiration on the stunning title track, supported by Friction (on BBC Radio 1) and DJ Hype (Kiss FM).
Following his acclaimed 2015 album ‘Golden Section’, Zero T continues his thematic, visual imagery; the album artwork reflecting the mosaic of his influences from over the years, carefully reconstructed into a cohesive body of work.
A true demonstration of his artistry, Zero T encapsulates everything we love about this genre in ‘Little Pieces’.

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